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News GHWB strategic withdrawal

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    How do you reconcile GWB's father's wise choice of withdrawing from Iraq with the son's incessant thirst for blood?
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    Dubya, from all accounts, takes after his mother, who is apparently a cast-iron b****.
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    What is there to reconcile?
    We didn't take over last time because that wasn't what the original intention was. You can't bring in 500,000+ coalition, and then after the original goal is done say "okay, we're changing things up, let's go ahead and take out the government".

    Completely different scenario and context more than a decade later.
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    It occurred to me that GWB is in Crawford, Cheney is swinging through Alaska on his way to Japan... who's in Washington? Did anybody let them know that there's a war going on?
    This war gets stupider by the day. Finally the Shiites and Sunis have united in a common cause-- evict the Americans. I say, "Mission Accomplished," lets leave them to their own devices. But no it's not that simple. Super-bases must be built. Oil infrastructure defended. As long as our guys are there though, even if they're just defending refineries eventually, they'll be targets for Iraqi nationals who dont want their resources plundered.
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    Greetings !

    Under the circumstances coalition forces can't win this
    fight. They should concentrate around the oil wells and
    retreat from all population centers. In the open they will
    be almost completely safe with their supperiority in heavy
    weapons and armor and Iraqis will be less eager to attack

    The Muslims can do whatever they want in the meantime
    and everybody gets what they want.

    Live long and prosper.
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    Bush SR made a mistake.
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    So just stealing.
    1 : to take the property of another wrongfully and especially as an habitual or regular practice
    2 : to come or go secretly, unobtrusively, gradually, or unexpectedly
    3 : to steal or attempt to steal a base
    transitive senses
    1 a : to take or appropriate without right or leave and with intent to keep or make use of wrongfully <stole a car> b : to take away by force or unjust means <they've stolen our liberty> c : to take surreptitiously or without permission <steal a kiss> d : to appropriate to oneself or beyond one's proper share : make oneself the focus of <steal the show>
    2 a : to move, convey, or introduce secretly : SMUGGLE b : to accomplish in a concealed or unobserved manner <steal a visit>
    3 a : to seize, gain, or win by trickery, skill, or daring <a basketball player adept at stealing the ball> <stole the election> b of a base runner : to reach (a base) safely solely by running and usually catching the opposing team off guard

    Drag ... your really have the great American attitude.
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