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GI, Insulin and Fat

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    I'm trying to understand what a person said (from ahttp://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=162168&p=4 [Broken]. Later on, he goes to say that without insulin, eating excess fat would not cause you to get fat (near the bottom of the page).

    I'm confused... i'm sure insulin regulated the blood-sugar level by causing select cells to increase their uptake of glucose, and to absorb fatty acids. But say if a person ate lard - and nothing but, would this person still store the fat? Or does consumption of fat induce the production of insulin, which then causes cells to store it?

    thanks! Everything i've searched only shows insulins effect on glucose.
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    To an extent what he said was true. Obviously, over induldging in fat will make you fat with or without the presence of insulin.

    But, I have seen people eat as many as 500 grams of protein and 200 grams of fat per day and actually loose body fat.

    The benefit and problem with insulin is that it is and extremely strong anabolic. It is anabolic for not only muscle but, also, for fat. Any excess carbs will be more readily stored as fat.

    Of course, after an intense workout and depletion of glycogen, one can shoot 15 to 20 ius of insulin, intake 200 grams of high glycemic carbs and protein and build more muslce than one could with the use of AAS.

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