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Giant Solar Laser

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    It is known that the Sun is a super large source of energy. Only an extremely small part of solar energy is absorbed by Eath and an extremely small part of that absorbed energy is utilized by mankind. The idea is to invent a tool for pumping the energy directly from the Sun staying distant from it. I think a Giant Solar Laser could be such a tool. Indeed, one need to use the plasma surrounding the Sun as an optically active medium and initiate a stimulated emission from the solar atmosphere. E.g. one can shot a laser pulse from a satellite expecting that it will be amplified when passing through the near-solar plasma. I would like to find a group of specialists (solar and stellar astronomers) who can predict which regions of the solar atmosphere should be used and what should be the frequency of the initial laser pulse.

    Best regards, Ruslan Sharipov.
    e-mail: r-sharipov@mail.ru
    Phone: +7(917)476-93-48
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    Why are you starting this thread again?
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    For many reasons.
    1. This is a new thread in another section. The initial one was in "High Energy, Nuclear, Particle Physics", not in astronomy section.
    2. Here I present a little bit different way for initiating the laser emission, by means of a small laser acting as a starter.
    3. Because the initial thread is closed.
    4. Because the initial thread did not reached its goal. I would like to stimulate some research activity within the project.
    5. Also, I need a help to contact NASA. Dear CesiumFrog, maybe you can help me?
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    You were advised in the other thread to post your idea in the IR forum. You are not entitled to reopen the discussion here.
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