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Giant Squid: What would you do?

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    This is fascinating. Giant squid (juvenile) encountered near surface, swimming with divers.

    My first thought was: cool!
    My second thought was: if it were an option, would capturing it be better?

    I guess the option of capturing it would be predicated on being in the right place at the right time with the right technology to do so.

    Just curious what peeps think.
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  3. Dec 30, 2015 #2
    Personally, I would flee as soon as possible. Much smaller squids than this aggressively attack people.
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    Capture it ? They would need a bigger frying pan.
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    I would pee my swimsuit. I can't believe how close the filmier gets. I thought these were fairly skiddish beasts.
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    If you captured it, where would you PUT it?

    I'm w/ Zooby; I'd get the hell out of there.
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    Yeah, I'd pee in your swimsuit too. Save me from cleaning mine.
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    That would be.... awkward :biggrin:
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    I definitely agree that it is so cool to see such a unique animal so close to the surface. I don't agree about capturing the squid though, given how little we know about them and whether capturing the animal may cause more harm relative to any additional knowledge we may hope to gain (here I side with the notion that the welfare of the squid takes precedence).
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    Yah. The squid might make war on us if we abducted him/her.
  11. Dec 30, 2015 #10
    This idea of StatGuy's sounds cooler than seeing the beast actually. :biggrin:
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    What idea?
  13. Dec 30, 2015 #12
    Make a tasteless joke about Japanese cartoons and proceed to swim as fast as I can away from that Lovecraftian horror.

    I hate squids. Ick.
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    One of the commenters to the article claims this species is poisonous. Can't be eaten. So, I'd check on that.
  16. Dec 31, 2015 #15
    I am a squid. He doesn't agree that people should capture me but it is good to just offer me the health insurance. :biggrin:
  17. Dec 31, 2015 #16

    jim hardy

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    i wouldn't stay in the water with a meat-eater that big.
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