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Gift ideas for my supervisor

  1. Feb 19, 2009 #1
    So I'm thinking of getting a gift for my Supervisor. I did research under him for 2 years. He's fairly young (30's) and extremely dedicated to his field in Optics/Laser physics.

    I'm struggling to come up with a gift idea. Hulp PF! :cry:
    Budget is less than $60 New Zealand dollars.
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    Well, maybe a gift certificate to a good restaurant.

    Or, do you know any of his hobbies or interests outside of school?
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    http://www.hapukulodge.com/kaikoura/home [Broken] :!!)

    (I found that website accidentally and want to go there since then :frown:)

    I would say a new book on optics/lasers ...
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    A bottle of booze.
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    oh I forgot to mention he's single, so a restaurant voucher would be awkward for him. The same with a holiday voucher.

    Booze is too common of a gift...let's keep it as a "last resort".
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    I think the food idea is good, maybe he can find a nice lady friend to take with him. Try to find a nice place that he likes, then it will seem awesome :biggrin:
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    What if it's undenatured optical-grade cleaning ethanol? :surprised

    Or do they only use methanol. (I remember organic chemists used methanol for cleaning FT-IR lenses).
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    How about a goldfish with a laser on its head.
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    Good booze.
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    A collection of Dilbert comic strip books that satirize managment, including the famous salary theorem explaining why scientists and engineers can never make as much money as salesman and administrators.
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    Some/all of the Piled Higher and Deeper Comics collections?

    (The irony of my previous post is not lost upon me)
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    I'm thinking of a wall clock for his new laser lab. The clock will have my results imprinted on the background since he's obsessed at how colourful and nice my data looks :P
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    Membership on some dating site? :biggrin: (Just kidding.)

    Booze itself is a bit of a tacky gift, but what about some really nice beer glasses, wine glasses, brandy snifter, shot glasses, or whatever other beverageware is suitable to his taste preferences?
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    OMG!!!! Moonbear is back!!!

    http://img440.imageshack.us/img440/7555/flowerdanceplzal7.gif [Broken]
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    motivational posters
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