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Gilbert Damping Ratio in Ferromagnets

  1. Oct 13, 2009 #1
    Does anyone know the highest alpha (Gilbert damping ratio) you could get on ferromagnets?

    People for various reasons aim for the lowest alpha and it is around 0.008 these days (dimensionless). But I need to know whether higher values are possible or not.

    A brief reminder on what alpha is: It is the phenomenological damping parameter that enters the Landau-Lifgarbagez-Gilbert equation which is usually used to model magnetization dynamics of a magnet in the 'macrospin' approximation; where all the individual spins (that are locked into the magnet) are assumed to rotate in unison (hence the name, macrospin)

    How large can alpha be? Can it be as high as 0.5 for instance?
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