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Girl in physics and I hate the attention :[

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    Current junior in physics at a pretty well ranked university, but our physics department has an 11 to 1 ratio of men to women. I don't feel academically intimidated or opressed or anything but I HATE that I can't ever get along casually with my fellow students. The two girls I see sometimes and myself get along fine, but every single time I try to put together a study group or just hang out in the physics lounge with a few guys, it always turns into this awkward unreciprocated attraction. Literally, without exception so far. Which leads to poor nerdy guys working up to courage to awkwardly ask me out to get a coffee sometime and me gently saying no, but by then the friendship is shot.

    This is in no way to be constructed as "Haha, I'm so good looking that everyone wants me!" because just having a pair of breasts seems to do the trick, but come on now. This situation is getting ridiculous. I don't want to date, I don't have time to date, and I am not attracted to any of them. I want a few people I can hang out with, talk about physics, and possibly moan about classes. It's going to be a lonely two years if this keeps up and I'm not looking forward to that :( Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Have you considered they would be ok with not dating? What I mean is these guys that are trying to get you to go drink coffee with them might actually be ok with not dating and actually just hanging out/working on school stuff. I'm sure they will still have the desire to hook up as that is just natural for people but they can probably look past it if your lucky.

    Of course guy/girl relationships are of a different nature then say a group of girls getting together. So really if you want people to talk about stuff with the internet might be a good choice.

    However making friends is a big part of school and thouse friendships can pay off later on so I would suggest you not go with the "No." and end of relationship route.
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    I have considered that they may not be asking me out, but the couple times I accepted, it was quite obviously a precursor to a date. It's not just coffee, it's various things and a girl can tell, believe me. I'd be delighted just to get coffee and chat if it were just that; caffeine and conversation not "Do you want to go to dinner this weekend?"

    I agree, friends are a big part of school and that's the main reason why I posted this thread. I have lots of friends in tennis, in math, in other areas but none in the thing I spend most of my day on.
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    Many years ago I studied in a field nontraditional for woman and in fact where I studied it I was the only woman.
    I bought myself a cheap wedding ring and just acted married. :cool:
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    Well I was just suggesting you make it clear to the guys that you arn't going to date them and are just looking for a friendly conversation. Actually know what I take it back... I think the internet is about your only hope because I was just saying that stuff because it's like what "could" work but in all realness it won't. I'm sorry but your right having a conversation with a guy about physics when your a girl is probably impossible irl.

    You should get a shirt that says "hermaphadites own" that way they will all stop talking to you.
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    So.. dinner.. coffee.. sex.. are all bad things? The question herein is whether there is something wrong with either dating a nerd, or enjoying the finer things in life. So you are suggesting that these disheveled, foul smelling nerds are not your type?
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    When I entered engineering school, there were 5 women in a freshman class of over 300. There was one particularly smart lady whose dorm wasn't too far from mine. I would like to have studied with her, and bounced ideas around. We had similar schedules, so we could have met and discussed the days' lectures, etc over coffee at the Union. Unfortunately, she was quite stand-offish, despite the fact that I already had a "significant other".

    I know this probably doesn't help, MissSilvy, but there are probably some quiet, geeky types who would like to have discussions about your course materials without getting personally involved. I tried hooking up with some larger study groups, but that didn't work out. Too many "members" of those groups were looking for help without making contributions of their own, and that's a waste of time for people who are capable and diligent about getting the work done.
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    Not at all, providing they have a passing familiarity with soap and water. I just do not enjoy relationships as such. What can I say, some people are romantically inclined and some aren't and I just happen to fall into the latter category.

    Good afternoon turbo! I would love to just find these types, is the main issue. Granted, I haven't been involved in the department all that much until recently, so it's more than probably that I'm missing a few gems. I don't know how else to state my problem without coming off as someone with an inflated opinion of themselves but this has been quite common and quite annoying. I guess I'll just have to look harder from now on. Or pretend I'm a lesbian. Either one! :P

    Cute idea :) I'd love to, but I look about 13 years old. The minute stature doesn't help at all, I'm afraid heh.
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    I am afraid you are their wet dream: a girl who can understand what they're talking about, and doesn't look down on them merely for being geeky. Being a science geek is like living in a cage without bars, a cage that separates you from the opposite sex. You've gone into the cage and you're waving raw steaks in front of starving lions.
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    Have you considered cutting them off?
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    Well Mr Shoe, I'm sure that made things all better and a real comfort there for MissSilvy.
    Maybe she will make friends with someone over in Chemistry and develop a little something to tame the wild beasts. I suggest Resperadol or Haldol. It's already on the market and she can have regular coffee with the little darlings every day. While they are sitting in the library drooling and not because of her she can have her way with the cute librarian.
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    Oh, I think rather have the boys fixed.:devil:
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    Wow borek :/
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    Wow, I don't have much to add; nonetheless, following this entertainment with rapt attention. By the way, I also guess I'm not immune, because the title of this thread caught my interest :)
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    MissSilvy, You Go Girl. Be your own woman. Side step the boys and wait for a man if you think you want that later. Stay focused and if you have to, study alone, Do It! I had to. It's not so bad. :smile:
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    Ya but just remember your chances of getting a good guy go down the longer you wait. When your 45 and living in your house with 8 cats you will look back and wish you had taken one of those nerds up on a date! I'm just playing of course.
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    I have no words of comfort. She just has to face and accept the facts: a girl walks in to a den of lonely geeks, she's going to get attention.
    Sounds like you are projecting your own desires onto Silvy, who actually said:

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    Listen to the wedding ring post. It's your only hope. The geeky nerds will consider you off limits and you'll get much more normal reactions from everyone.
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    don't say that you're married---just say that you've got a boyfriend already, and that you have to study
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    It's an ok idea but then again you'll end up having to lie to every guy you meet not worth it imo. Honestly I think you should give the guys a chance but just make it clear your not willing to date.
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    "Physics" is her boyfriend
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    Yes, I heartily agree - just tell it like it is. It may mean there will be an awkward moment or two, but honesty is the best way to handle this. Use straightforward, look-in-the-eye directness.
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    Its a nice thought, and if they (the male students) were older, that may work.

    I doubt even if she says that she doesn't want to date, it not going to help though. Hormone driven young men and boys are driven to any free and available women, like moths to a flame.
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    MissSilvy, you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with this topic or so I believe.
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    Honesty helps. When I started at the U of M, I would sometimes take my guitar along to fill empty moments. One day, a very attractive woman parked herself in the love-seat across from me in the Union, and made positive comments. A while later, another woman swung in and started hugging up with the first lady. They were both very attractive and very friendly. After a bit, an old friend of mine (who was flamboyantly gay) dropped in, and we talked a bit. The ladies thanked me and moved on, and my friend burst into laughter. The ladies were the president of the Wilde-Stein club and her lover, and they liked teasing straight guys.

    My friend died of AIDS eventually. He was a sweet person, and through him I met tons of people who loved art, music, cooking, etc.

    Relative to the OP, I never had an uncomfortable moment deflecting romantic interest from my friends' associates.
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