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Girlfriend Problem

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    Thinking, right now.
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    I would wait to see what her explanation is of why she left without waiting for your call, she might have a reasonable explanation.
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    Her excuse is that she hasn't gone out with her sister in awhile. That's what her mom says anyways. I'm pretty confident that will be my gf's excuse.

    I don't really think there is a good explanation.

    If she really liked me, wouldn't she have done anything to see me. So far, she didn't do much tonight.

    Note: She says she really likes me, so that isn't technically questionable at the moment.
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    JasonRox, that's the problem with guys like us, we put our relationships and our girls first and the girls we fall for arn't always willing to do the same for us.
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    If a girl still has high interest in you, yes she would be with you. Women are like refugees they vote with their feet.

    If she says 2 and 2 equals 5 would you believe her?
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