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Girlfriend talking to a previous love interest

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    My girlfriend used to like some other guy and messed around with him once about a year ago, and I have been in a relationship with her for the past 3 months or so. She told me she hasn't talked to that guy in a long time, but today I looked on my computer and saw her e-mail open, so of course I read the e-mail of her having a conversation with that guy as early as 3 days ago.

    There was nothing that suggested that there is anything going on between them in the e-mail, but the fact that she said she doesn't talk to the guy even though she really is is making me really mad.

    Not only that, but she said she was going on a trip on monday with another team for her robot competition, and I come to find out this other team has that guy on it, so she is going on a trip with him (and others) and going to stay in a hotel together!!!

    I am really mad right now, not so much that she is talking to him, but that she lied about it. What do I do? Do I confront her about it?

    Edit: oh my god, my heart is racing now that I am reading more messages. I am so freaking mad right now
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    For one you should never read your partners emails without permission, ever. Even if they leave it open projected on the wall it is no excuse to take time to read through.

    Two what extent has your girlfriend lied? Did she say outright that she never speaks to him or something along the lines of "I don't really speak to him?" At the end of the day if you don't trust her then your relationship won't last anyway. What you should do is get over your jealousy and look at what she has actually done and said rather than worrying about what she might be doing.
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    No good comes out of confrontation, if you've lost her to another guy then you've lost her. If she stopped seeing that guy there must have been a good reason. If he dropped her then again there's nothing you can do until she realizes she likes you better.

    No matter how you play it, you cant keep a bird in a cage of lies and guilt. Maybe its time to date other girls.

    God loved the birds and invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages. (Jacques Deval)
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    I am reading old messages that she didn't send that are drafts, I am shaking right now. I feel so awful and I am so mad
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    If I were your girlfriend and I found out you read my emails, I would dump you on the spot. Doing such a thing is way worse than lying about talking to some guy.
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    Calm down before you hurt someone (including yourself)...it isn't the end of the world there love, it's just a girl. Don't do something you'll regret later. Sometimes ignorance is bliss but since you found out, why not just tell her how you feel? Communicate before you go nuts over something so mundane. The user above (Kholdstare) is either trolling you or drunk because his advice is beyond terrible so don't heed it. Don't be the guy who goes nuts and starts stalking his girlfriend because we all know how that ends.
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    To the question of the extent that she is lying, she told me they pretend they don't see each other when they cross paths when walking at school.

    That is clearly not the case.

    If I see her e-mail open with messages from this guy who I know by name, how can I possibly ignore it?

    Now I wish I would have never read them, this is the worst feeling ever
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    If you don't have enough self-discipline to, then you're not ready for a serious relationship.

    I used to have to open my wife's e-mails for her because she didn't know how. The only one that I ever read was one that she invited me to.
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    If she left an e-mail open on your computer and you stumbled upon it, it's no different than if it was a letter left open on your desk. You weren't spying on her, and of course you'd take a look, who doesn't read something that's left out in plain site on their property? That's how people get caught cheating. Even though she's lying to you about not having contact, it might not be a romantic relationship, they might be friends, but be afraid you would disapprove. Now that you know she's lied to you, yes, it's going to bother you. You will have to decide if and how to approach her, that's not something we are in a position to tell you either way.
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    Right, and if a letter is left open on your desk, then the best thing to do is not to look. If the other person hasn't given you permission to invade their privacy, then you should not do it, even if the other person made a silly mistake of not closing her emails.
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    So micromass, lets say I didn't read it. I would never know this is happening, and then what? I guess I would be happier not knowing, but at the same time I would be with someone who is lying to me and not even know it. How can I trust her?
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    But you have to look, how do you know the letter isn't to you? Maybe the e-mail was a suicide note. How would you feel if you didn't read it and prevent their death?

    I'm not saying to snoop, but you do have a right, and even should read things left in front of you. How do you think I discovered my ex was having an affair while I was pregnant? I was getting insurance information that he said was in his briefcase, and out fell a card, which I thought was for me, and it wasn't.
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    Trust is a huge part of love. If you don't have both, you don't have either.
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    For someone to have a right to privacy, that implies a certain responsibility on their part to make an effort to keep things private. If I'm having sex with my neighbor's wife on my front lawn, and people are walking by and staring, it'd be pretty asinine for me to say "hey how about a little privacy here."

    To the OP: you need to talk to your girlfriend about this. I would recommend starting by saying "you left your email open on my computer. I thought it was mine at first so I was reading it."

    No, just no. If a letter is left open on my desk, it is very likely someone put that there to make sure that I would get it and read it. That's how a person would leave a note for someone else if they weren't around. It is completely me reasonable for me to claim the absolute right to read anything that is on *my* desk. If you leave a piece of paper out in the open accessible to anyone, then you don't have much right to claim privacy on it.
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    Actually, you can have trust without love.
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    So what you you expect them to do? One or both of them drop out of the team? Make some arrangement to stay in different places (and do you think that would stop them doing whatever they are doing)?

    The main message I'm getting from this is that the OP isn't mature enough to have a serious relationship yet.
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    Alephzero, do you think its sort of a white lie? I mean, this isn't something that she just overlooked when telling me. The dates don't match up, and from the correspondence I read, they were in contact when she told me that they weren't at a time that she said they weren't. That is a LIE. How am I to blame for it?
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    I think to expect that your partner will never ever lie to you is a bit over optimistic about any relationship. I used to tell my wife that I had an office type job while I was in the army, it was only after she got called by the family readiness group (FRG) that she found out my real job. She used to tell me she sat at home all night while I was deployed, when she was really hanging out with friends. I didn't want her to worry, she didn't want me to worry or get jealous. The key fact is that she trust me not to be stupid and cheat on her, and I trust her to do the same.

    If you cannot trust your girlfriend to be faithful, then you clearly have a very fundamental crack in your relationship. It needs to be address and how this answer may be answered may not work out the way you wish, but in the long run, it's better to leave a relationship with this uncertainty than stay and stress yourself out.
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    She said...
    Now she can't say that anymore.

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