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Girls in engineering

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    Girls in engineering....

    I'll most likely get accepted for september in Engineering, I won't be surrounded by guys all the time, will I?
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    most likely
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    I'm browsing the Ontario university data right now..... it's about 75-80% guys.

    this is gonna suck....:frown:
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    you don't have to always be around engineers, there will be lots of girls on campus....
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    Hey. It's not a bad thing. ;)
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    I personally can't tell from your name.
    Are you a girl concerned about being around mostly guys
    or a guy concerned about being around mostly guys
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    You can always hang out with people who aren't engineers....
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    ohh.. never thought abt that...
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    Yea in my physics class both semesters theres been one girl and like 18 dudes. I feel bad for both of the girls bc theyre sort of the center of attention. (Especially since theyre extremely attractive as well as smart).

    Don't worry though me and my four physics friends feel just as awkward among the engineers :P Just kidding.

    It all depends on them really. You might be suprized when you meet them and start to make friends. Keep an open mind and try to let your personality and skills be the first thing people notice as opposed to your gender.

    Btw incase ur actually a dude I apologize ahead of time :rofl:
    But judging by the context of your question I'll take the assumption you aren't since you didn't say OTHER guys you just plainly said guys.
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    We have and had attractive girls in my physics classes and they never seem to be surrounded by the guys in the class. I consider it a good thing, since it doesn't look like we're your typical desperate nerds... bleah.
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    What kind of engineering?
    I don't know what it is like in the US, but both in Sweden (where I studied) and here in the UK it really seem to depend on what you are studying.
    I studied engineering physics at a technical university and when I started in 1995 there were about 20% girls in my class, although that percentage probably increased over time (boys were more likely to drop out or change program than the girls).
    The chemistry program had around 50% girls (the year after there were over 50%), the CS program almost no girls at all (something like 2 out of 150 students) and the biotech program 80% girls.
    The biotech program (which was just starting up back then so there were only something like 20-30 students) actually had 100% girls a couple of years later.
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    Biomedical engineering is pretty close to a 50/50 split genderwise. If you are concerned about gender but want to go into engineering then give biomedical a look.
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    In my undergrad nuclear engineering program, we have two girls in NE and a coupl of others who were in the radiation protection program. Women were about 5-10% of the class. We had a few female grad students, mostly from Europe.

    I think the proportion of women in engineering has increased slightly based on the MS/PhD's I encounter.

    Besides - an undergrad program is only a temporary situation.
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    There was a cute chick in my Cal 2 class.
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    Boys don't bite...much. :biggrin: As others pointed out, you don't have to hang out only with your classmates while in school, but it's not like they're an alien species you must avoid.
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    Who goes to school looking for Women?

    Jordan Joab.
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    How do you girls feel about working on the formula SAE/mini baja projects?

    I'm a girl going into general engineering next year (hopefully mech in year 2) and I'd like to participate in the mech-related engineering side projects. The only thing I'm worried about is the fact that there are like no girls on those teams except on the solar car or concrete toboggan project. I have a 'need for speed' so I find those projects fascinating... but I know nothing about cars as of now.

    I guess I'm afraid of being one of those team members who have nothing to contribute, and just makes everything awkward because I'll probably be the only girl there.
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    There aren't many girls in the physics program in my school.
    I hear some college admissions are easier on girls who want to major in physics/engineering/compsci
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