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GIT with Netbeans question

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    Hey everyone I am using GIT with netbeans to push projects to my bitbucket. The problem is I think I somehow accidentally set it so that it commits my entire workspace. What I mean by this is when I try to push one of my projects to one repository it pushes all of them instead of just the one I want. How can I change this? Thank you
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    When using SVN, we create a tree outside of Netbeans and then open specific projects inside Netbeans. From there, we can update and commit changes using Netbeans on a project by project basis or even file by file basis.

    How are you doing it with Git and Netbeans?

    The GIT Netbeans tutorial seems to imply setting up a GIT repo for all your projects and hence you'd get the behavior you're seeing.


    We plan to move to GIT some time in the future so I'd like to hear more about this issue.
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