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Give Me A Question To Do Please

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    Give Me A Question To Do Please !!

    Hi there

    I have got a maths exam tomorrow, and i have to try and get a distinction grade to get into university, so would anyone give me some questions to do on the listed critera below:
    The questions tomorrow are going to be quite hard, and is not just going to be normal questions for me to do, i will have to apply maths rules to it, so please please please give me some questions to do, so i can practice before the exam:
    Thanks !!!

    1.Solve realistic mech & elect eng problems which involve the application of both algebric & trig techniques.

    2.Apply the integral calculus to more complex engineering problems.

    :surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised :surprised
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    hello there

    here is some problems goodluck with the exam

    find the temperature u(x,t) in a rod of length L if the initial temperature is f(x) throughout and if the ends x=0 and x=L are insulated

    find the steady state solution q_p(t) and the steady state current in an LRC series circuit when the impressed voltage is E(t)=E_0*sin(yt)

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    Thanks !!!

    Thanks for replying and the questions.

    I will try and do it now and post the answers to see if i have got it right thanks !!!!

    It does look alittle complicated lol but i will have a go !!!

    I am only studying National diploma yr 2 lol !!!

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    hello Tino

    well I originally started engineering in uni but eventually found my way to mathematics, but from my engineering days those two questions were question 1 for to different exercises, to engineers this should be ABC i hope, but if you havnt been to university I doubt they would expect you to know or ask such questions in an entry exam, if I were you, and if I dont know what to expect in the exam, I would focus on mathematical rules and formulas and be able to apply them to any such sanario, and so as a result you will reduce the risk of putting down errors, unless you are very prepared in my terminology "ready for wateva" :biggrin: , anyway good luck with the questions and the exam

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    But u know what my maths teacher said the exam is going to be hard and we have to apply the rules of maths into engineering problems so how can i study for it ???

    lol i really dont know

    I only have one chance to succeed in the exam to get distinction so lol

    Good luck yo myself lol
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    hello Tino

    well If you send me your email address which carries alot of memory, I will Send you something that will definitely help you out now and through out your engineering course, it has everything you want to know about this exam and everything you would want to know as a futue engineering student

  8. Jun 23, 2005 #7
    Thanks a bunch

    Well here is me email address :


    Thanks alot man i owe u one !!!

    I think i have 1.0 GB of space so
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