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Give physics another shot?

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    So, I'm a mathematics major, and certainly plan to graduate with a mathematics degree. However, I'm also interested in quantum physics and relativity. I took a Foundations of Physics class (Newtonian mechanics) my freshman year and found that I didn't like it very much, and I think that's mainly because I loathed having to memorize equations for certain systems and I also never really understood the explanations as well as I would have liked. However, recently I've read a math based quantum mechanics book and enjoyed it very much (since I've finished single-variable calculus and some lin. algebra). I don't have any interest in majoring in physics, but a minor might be nice. I was wondering if I should try doing the foundations sequence again (I only did one term of it frosh year) considering that it might be worth my time and also because I'm more well versed in calculus now?
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