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Giving detectives nightmares

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    I just watched one of those crime shows on tv. They sprayed a chemical on a wall then turned on a black light and the chemical glowed if there was any blood on the wall. Even if the wall had been wiped clean. From now on everytime I wash my walls I'm going to drip a few drops of blood into my cleaning bucket then if in the future my place becomes a crime scene (which is possible in my neighborhood) if they spray that stuff on my walls it will look like a massacre took place there.
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    Sounds good =) Luminol is actually pretty cool to play around with: the iron in your blood catalyzes its oxidation. I don't actually know what they spray on prior to using the UV light, as I was under the impression that UV-B rays would cause blood to fluoresce, naturally.
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    Or you can just drop a lot of blood in the paint.
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    If you really want to bug the cops, you'd do this instead (from xkcd): hobby.jpg
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    does it even have to be a lot of blood? The way they made it sound on tv just a couple drops should be enough to cover the walls.
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    If you are planning to put up wallpaper.
    Get some blood (or red paint) and write "I will kill again" in large letters on the wall before covering with wallpaper.
    Ok - you don't get to see the punchline when the next owners redecorate, but you can imagine!
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    I've got some markers that show up under a black light. I've been writing stuff on walls for years in case the next person who lives there is a stoner. I like to write stuff like "Help Me" and "Let me out" and "I'm watching you"
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    Haha, great idea. That would keep them scratching their heads for a while.

    On a vaguely related note, I decided a while ago that if I ever kill myself, I'm going to take a small key and a capsule containing a cryptic note (possibly in code) and a map of a fictitious location and swallow them, then top myself in such a way that would require a post mortem. Hopefully the detectives would be puzzling over that for years.
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    I'm sure you can get the blood from some animal, but then that would be cruel.
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    How about at a slaughterhouse?
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    How about that hooker I killed last week?
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    Yeah, cruel to me and my back having to catch them (that's what I spent my morning doing, collecting blood from sheep that behaved more like little bulldozers...they were short, stocky sheep who would get their heads down and just keep going...I wonder if I'm going to be able to stand up straight tomorrow).

    I love those detective shows as much for the comedy value as the drama aspect. "I need a DNA analysis in an hour," never mind that you can't actually do it that quickly and that you have no reference sample, afterall, they have that big government database with everyone's genetic fingerprints in it to match it. :rofl:
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    I think if you throw bleach over blood it destroys the plasma. They wont be able to extract the dna.
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    Has to be very tacky wallpaper. To ensure they take it down.
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    A new business is born. Instant Crime Scene Clean UP open 24/7 free estimates call big AL at 567-888-KILL

    There are already companies that do it after the investigations.
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