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Giving yourself a little pleasure

  1. Apr 28, 2006 #1
    I'm wondering which sound gives you most pleasure, anyway do you play flute?
    Sounds come from erik the flutemaker website,

    1. http://eriktheflutemaker.com/Concert_Tuned_Flutes.htm" [Broken]
    http://eriktheflutemaker.com/images/13_Irish_flute.mp3 [Broken]

    2. http://eriktheflutemaker.com/Meditation_Flutes.htm" [Broken]
    http://eriktheflutemaker.com/images/17_Meditation_flute.mp3 [Broken]

    3. http://eriktheflutemaker.com/Egyptian_Flute.htm" [Broken]
    http://eriktheflutemaker.com/images/10_Egyptian_flute.mp3 [Broken]

    4. http://eriktheflutemaker.com/Vivaldi_Minor.htm" [Broken]
    http://eriktheflutemaker.com/images/VMI-TWF.mp3 [Broken]

    5. http://eriktheflutemaker.com/Brazilian_Major.htm" [Broken]
    http://eriktheflutemaker.com/images/BM-IHP.mp3 [Broken]

    6. http://eriktheflutemaker.com/Kiowa_Love_flute.htm" [Broken]
    http://eriktheflutemaker.com/images/KLF-DP.mp3 [Broken]

    7. http://eriktheflutemaker.com/Poet_Flutes.htm" [Broken]
    http://eriktheflutemaker.com/images/16_Large_poet_s_flute.mp3 [Broken]

    8. http://eriktheflutemaker.com/Irish_Flute.htm" [Broken]
    http://eriktheflutemaker.com/images/IrishMP3.mp3 [Broken]

    Many others weren't chosen, but I'd suggest we stay up with choices provided by me or if you prefer to look up others, the website is,

    I'd appreciate any comments about sounds and flutes after all, my favorite one is the Vivaldi Minor, the only explanation I can give why, is that it gives me the best pleasure and and lets me focus on my mind while meditating, if you like any of these, write up and I upload little longer audios, or even search for it yourself using emule,

    Good night,
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    Ahh yes playing my flute is quite a pleasurable experience indeed, and of course you need the sounds too.
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    This one time at band camp...
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