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Glass Human Impact Test

  1. May 14, 2009 #1
    I was wondering if anyone knew if a human impact test stand following the ANSI Z97.1 standard would be allowed to impact the test specimen several times or have to be braked after initial impact. It would make sense to me that since it is simulating a human impact a person would not be dumb enough to run into a glass pane several times in a row. However, I am supposed to design a brake (am having some problems coming up with viable solutions) and am just now getting around to the question of if it is at all necessary, according to the standard. I don't have access to the norm but would try to get a copy if I knew that it says something specific to the topic.

    Additionally, I am an engineering exchange student in Germany and here they have a system where you can get norms for free as a student. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply to American norms and I was wondering if there was a similar system for US norms? Thanks for the information!
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