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Gleaming hydrogen metal

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    I was reading sometime ago that the hydrogen in Jupiter's core was a solid "metal"(with one electon?). This may be an uunanswerable thought question, but its been troubling me! Lets say earths scientists found a way to make hydrogen metal. what would its properties be? Density, etc., (this is assuming that we could keep it from vaporizing and in a "metallic" state. I didn't know where to post this one!
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    I think what you mean is make Hydrogen a solid. Metal just means it has certain chemical properties - i.e. ease of donating all the electrons of it's outer shell, forming a positively charged ion.

    For example, Mercury is a metal no matter if it's a solid, liquid, or gas.

    I've done no research into whether it has properties in common with other metals (when a solid), such as good electrically and thermal conductivity, malleability, etc. It may not. Unlike all the other metals, it can also act like a non-metal (accept electron(s) to fill it's outer shell). It also forms molecular hydrogen in the form of H2. This would interfere with the normal sharing of electrons typical of other metals.
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    Earth's scientist actually have found a way to make hydrogen a metal. Not in large quantitites or for a long time, but under laboratory conditions, it has been achieved. http://www-phys.llnl.gov/H_Div/GG/ComQuest.html [Broken] talks about the differences between metalising H2 as a solid or as a fluid. I read an article some time ago (probably in SciAm) about attempts to produce a stable form. The article predicted that the metal would be much lighter than current building materials. I never heard any follow-up, so I don't think it's been achieved.
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    Hydrogen as a crystal

    I read that Israeli scientists have made solid form hydrogen crystal. I wonder if this would have properties of a metal.
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