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Homework Help: Glide Angle

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    A fully loaded Cessna-182 airplane of mass 1280 kg has an engine failure when flying with an airspeed of 136 km/h at an altitude of 2990 m on a calm day. It then glides at a constant glide angle (which is the direction of flight below the horizontal) towards a safe landing at this constant speed of 136 km/h experiencing a drag force of 1300 N that opposes the direction in which the plane is moving.
    Please use: g = 9.81 m s-2

    How do I find the glide angle of the plane?I know how to find the solution but I don't know what type of quantity to use to solve the problem. :confused:

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    YOu know how to find the solution, but don't know how to find the glide angle? That IS the solution! What exactly, do you mean? You don't know "what type of quantity". Do you mean what units? For this type of problem I would suggest that the glide angle be in degrees.
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    Since the plane is moving at constant velocity, and not decelerating, what force must equal the drag. This force vector (component) must be along the glide angle.
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