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News Global brands ban angora fur

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    Global brands ban angora wool after PETA investigation

    I'm not a huge fan of PETA, but this seems to be good work from them. I'm glad pressure has been put on these companies because imo fur is completely unnecessary when we have plenty of comfy alternatives. fyi, I would advise against watching the video, it's extremely disturbing.
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    This is so disturbing. :cry:
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    Yeah, but he TOLD you not to watch it, Evo. You need to have more faith in Greg :smile:
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    Although it is a tragic loss of life. People who are not vegans should not rejoice. Because isnt the food we consume slaughtered aimals?
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    It would be more humane to kill the bunny, sell it's fur and meat, than to torture it for years by ripping it's fur out. Also there are plenty of ways to get fur from an animal without torturing it.
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    I think the company knew they'd have to drop them when the word got out about how the animals were being treated, so they got cheap fur while they could. I doubt they're that naive to think the animals were being treated well in China. People aren't even treated well there.
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    I'm always a bit leery to trust PETA after they have planted and staged evidence in other "investigations."

    Someone should teach those guys about sheers though.
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    I would tend to think that is most likely where those particular animals are headed - ie for the slaughter. Not too many knowledgable farmers would want to overstress their source of income in wool, as seen in the video, for various reasons. No doubt an animal would be put under some stress from having its hair removed, but this goes to the pathological extreme.

    Certain breeds of angora rabbit molt and the fur can be plucked off at the right time giving the best quality of product, with no lead hairs, which a shearing would remove.

    If China uses the Germain breed of angora rabbit which does not molt, then one does not pluck the fur, but has to shear it off. Either the farmer is dimwitted, knows nothing about his product, or is in a hybrid angora wool-rabbit meat business.

    Here is at least a reassuring decent reply to the video from one responsible UK farmer,
    http://orkneyangora.co.uk/mainsite/?page_id=343 [Broken]
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    "Nature is cruel, but we don't have to be."

    --Temple Grandin
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