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News Global Economy and Terrorism

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    America and Bin Ladin..
    Why America didn't arrest Bin Ladin when he was in Sudan in year 1996 !!!?
    Why America didn't kill Bin Ladin when he was hunt with some princes from Emirates in Afghanistan !!?
    in year 2001 there was meeting between Mullah Omar (leader Taliban ) and Bin Ladin , Mullah Omar was very angry because Bin Ladin deceived him. Mullah Omar let Bin Ladin to live in Afghanistan under a condition he don't attack America... Something is very strange happened in that meeting , the airplanes of America didn't try to attack and to kill Bin Ladin. As soon as Bin Ladin leaved the place of the meeting , the spy gave sign to the airplanes and the airplanes tried to kill Mullah Omar....
    We are in the islamic countries want to live in peace but the problem is that Israel and the Arab dictators who rule middle east want the terrorism continues... Really we wonder why America send the american youth to be killed in Iraq and Afghanistan...
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