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Global electrical circuit

  1. Jul 24, 2004 #1

    Last Updated: Saturday, 24 July, 2004, 07:15 GMT 08:15 UK

    High-altitude light show in focus
    By Dr David Whitehouse
    BBC News Online science editor
    The phenomena occur between 50 and 100km above the Earth's surface

    Fresh data on sprites, jets and elves - strange flashes of coloured light in the Earth's upper atmosphere - is being returned to Earth by a new satellite.

    For years, reports of red streamers, blue jets and strange diffuse glows seen in the upper reaches of the atmosphere were not taken seriously.

    But in the past decade videos taken from high-altitude aircraft and the space shuttle have convinced scientists that they are real.


    more here:facts and photos

    * Characteristics of Red Sprites
    * Characteristics of Blue Jets
    * Why Haven't Sprites and Jets Been Reported Before?
    * etc....
    (simply scroll down)
    The first Isual image was returned on 4 July. It showed red sprites - short fluorescent "tubes" glowing like neon lights - reaching to the ionosphere.

    Elves are rapid bursts of light due to electromagnetic pulses from lightning jolts.


    And UFOs
    It's still very curious that often these 'lights' are described as 'self-illuminated' (not reflected light off a metal surface).....and they simply 'go out'-like a light being turned off.

    anyway, interesting-all sorts of 'events' come to mind-and suggests 'unique' combination of natural 'events' might yet explain some UFO reports--a 'short' in the global electrical circuit....
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