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Global ethnicity numbers summary

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    I have been trying to find a summary of global ethnicity and percent of... the origin of the bug in my hat is the current American political statements of 'minority' 'majority' and the misnomer seems obvious that northern European are a minority yet hold the power echelons and thereby decree themselves the majority...

    I keep running into papers and web sites that seem excessive and partisan and stuff about secret reports of Nixon and conspiracy stories...

    has anyone located a valid academic summary of world ethnic mix?

    it is the prime question by which I found this interesting chat community.

    thanks in advance to answering this new guys Q's
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    Welcome to Physics Forums Barbarosa!

    You may be searching for a very long time I'm afraid ... one researcher's list of ethnic groups rarely aligns with another's, so any list you find will be difficult to interpret.

    For example, check out the Census webpages of half a dozen advanced economies (there are at least that number in English, e.g. US, UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada) - let us know how you might go about aligning the good census data from each country with that from another :wink:
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