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Global hawk camera

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    the global hawk have the raytheon electronic systems ISS with a E-O and IR sensors plus a SYthetic Aperture radar (SAR).
    this are the Performance
    E-O/IR field of view : visible 5.1 x 5.2 mrad
    MWIR 5.4x7.3 mrad
    radar field of regard (each side of aircraft ) +- 45°
    E-O/ IR NIIRS: visible ( WAS mode) 6.0
    visible (spot mode) 6.5
    MWIR (WAS mode) 5.0
    MWIR ( spot mode) 5.5
    WAS mode coverage: E-O/IR and radar 138000 km^2/day
    spot mode coverage : E-O/IR 1900 spots/day
    radar 1900 images/day
    MTI mode coverage E-O/IR 15000 km^2/min
    range: radar 200 km
    the EO/IR sensor has a focal lenght of 1.75 m and an aperture of 29 cm

    how read this data to know from an altitude the area of coverage and the resolution ?
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    That information is probably classified, so you will not be able to determine it from publicly known data. You can probably google it to get unclassified estimates / guesses.
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