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Global Stiffness Matrix

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    I am having trouble forming the Global Stiffness Matrix for a planar truss. Does anyone know of any good online resources to help me with this? I've found a few, but haven't been much help.
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    I don't know of any online sources, but the FEA class I'm taking uses a book called "A First Course in the Finite Element Method" by Logan. It contains an excellent description of the plane truss problem with worked examples.
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    I agree with Brian C...Logan's book is a superb introduction to FEA and has the plane truss problem.

    If you want to use ANSYS to solve the problem, I believe Moaveni's book on the FEA has one or two examples. I used Moaveni's book for my FEA class and while it's not great to learn from, it's pretty decent as a walkthru for ANSYS.
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