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Homework Help: Global thermonuclear war

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    I have a question about nukes.

    If all the nukes in the entire world were detonated at once and dispersed for maximum kill, we're talking China, Russia, Pakistan, USA, etc...

    Could we kill all the human civilazition, or if not, what percentage could we kill?

    I'm having a debate with my brother. I'd say less than half, my brother says 75% or more , probably everyone.
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    99.9% probably.

    The US and Russian and Chinese nuclear weapons stockpiles are enormous and their power is ungodly. 1 nuclear ballistic missile submarine can destroy probably somethign like 30% of the population of a continent probably (besides asia) and theres a few dozen of those in the seas. Plus of course we have our silos (US) and russia has its ICBM military forces which are a few thousand nuclear warheads each.

    Then of course, count in the theoretical nuclear winter and thats pretty much it for all of mankind except in Australia... so lol, unless im wrong, with the 'nuclera winter' theory being true, all but the survivors of the Australian attack would survive.
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