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Global warming theory

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    Global warming theory
    It is being observed that the earth’s atmosphere is warming up and it is speculated that carbon emissions are the cause. Since the atmosphere is getting warmer it will contain more moisture due to additional evaporation and warmer air holds more moisture than cold air. This should lead to an increase in clouds, which in turn would reflect more of the sun’s energy out into outer space, which in turn would cause the average temperature of the planet to drop.

    Could it be this simple? Probably not. Weather systems are very complex and contain a lot of variables. Furthermore meteorologist run these things through supercomputers so one would think this would have been discovered already but I sure would like an expert opinion on this.

    Even if this simple theory did pan out to be true it wouldn’t mean we were off the hook. Excessive moisture in the air may leads to more flooding and heavier snowfalls and may cause havoc on the world’s ecosystems.
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    Permanent fog would probably keep heat in much better.
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    Let's first separate global warming resulting from natural process from the global warming as a result of human intervention.

    Note that the substances that contributes the most to global warming is water, carbon dioxide and methane. These are mostly the result from natural processes (the exception being carbon dioxide to some extent). They cover each sections of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, where they absorb the outgoing radiation, preventing it from leaving earth.

    Between them is a band where outgoing radiation is not absorbed. However, with the increased release of chlorofluorocarbons, they block this important window, hence resulting in a type of greenhouse1.

    As a result, it proves rather useless to try and control water evaporation or natural methane leakage, but to focus on things that can actually be changed.

    1 Salters' Advanced Chemistry: Chemical Storylines by George Burton
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    I did a little research on the intenet and it didn't take me long to find that you are correct and my theory has major flaws in it. Basicall it is ignorance of global chemistry. So much for me saving the world. Thanks RAD
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    http://www.nerc.ac.uk/about/consult/debate/debate.aspx?did=1&pg=1&f= [Broken]

    A certainly far from complete overview here.

    It's way beyond me, why people need to engage in a cumulative positive feedback loop of scaremongering and desire of to be feared. A new pinnacle of that process here:


    Getting tired of this ghost hunt of hot air.
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    Below a quote from a Physics Text book, claiming that human caused carbon-dioxide levels are proven

    From: http://www.motionmountain.net/index.html
    Motion Mountain
    The adventures of physics.
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