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Global warming true or no?

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    Hey there..

    My pops read a book by Michael Crichton or someone like that that basically says global warming is not occuring. Every science magazine I read continually talks about global warming and shows how physicsists, climatologists, etc, are all working on ways to help remove CO2 from the atmosphere to help reduce global warming rates, etc.

    Who is right?

    Thank you
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    The scientists.

    Crichton's a hack.
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    Crichton's book ("State of Fear") is a work of fiction so it's clearly not the last word on anything. However, the last word on climate change hasn't yet been written by scientists either. Global warming and global cooling are facts but the science of whether man contributes in any significant way is now more in the realm of politics than in good science.

    In brief, the jury's still out despite proclamations of "victory" from either side.
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    So, it is a fact that global warming and cooling occur, but it is just debatable whether or not man contributes?

    What does Crichton's book say regarding the subject? I know he has references to scientific materials in it, but it is misconstrued?
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    Coincidentally, I just ordered a copy of the book so I can't really give you any more detail than you could find in the amazon.com description.
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    Persinaly i dont belive its such a big deal. We humans might have speed things up but we is not the cause of it. if we had never evolved it woiuld have happened anyway. Lets say all the volcanus goes of at the same time (with a max of 100 years differens) it would trow so much dirty, CO2 and other chemicals into the atmosphere so it would for a while out block the sun and create a mass extinction cause the sun would be blocked for months. Then when the sun finaly shine through all the dirt and 50-80% of all life is extinct it will be huge amount of greenhouse gases so it will be like in the dinosaurses time. a rain forest almost all around the globe.
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    Well i used to belive that humans were the cuplrits in global warming and that we were all doomed to die from heat and cancer, but i no longer believe that. I now firmly believe that something so trivial as Human Beings could not do much to something the size of Earth. Ya maybe we speed the CO2 accumulation rate by a tiny amount, but CO2 is really a minor greenhouse gas. Methane is the top greenhouse gas. We barely produce any methane, yet the methane levels are rising at a pretty steady rate, and humans have almost no part in it.. I think humans have had a very negligible part in global warming and the "reduction of the ozone layer" which i do not believe we have much to do with either.

    lol i could start a huge rant on all the reasons i dont believe Humans are affecting global warming and such, but i'd rather not right now. although i guess i could post a report i did for a class last year on this subject...


    bottom line: Neither is totally right or totally wrong... yes global warming happens, but its out in the open as to how much Humans affect it.

    and BTW...
    I really disrespect people who just say something and don't support it with facts or beliefs. Just saying "The scientists. Crichton's a hack." doesn't say anything except maybe you are a jacka**. If this was my forum, i'd probably delete that post as spam, because it says nothing relavent.
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    Pooka is 100% correct! i did my own research on this, if it werent for the greenhouse effect, they earth would be rather cold, something like Mars, it regulates the Earth's temperature so it doesnt scorch the earth during the day and freeze at night. people are mislead by liberally biased movies like the Day After Tommarow, where everyone dies because of the republicains neglect, and the big bad vice president learns a lesson. Not to mention after the world freezes over all the pollution seems to have vanished! Wow! And then big bad America feels bad for not letting all the illegial Mexicans in the country cause we wanted to immigrate into Mexico.
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    Scientists disagree on how much global warming is occuring... but they all agree that Crichton is wrong.
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    This topic has been done.... well... not to death... but its been done a lot and a simple search on the forums can be a fun way of finding out the information for yourself.
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    Perhaps read other science magazines. There are really articles actually refuting the anthropogenic global warming myth.

    The Crighton book btw is a most excellent description of reality.
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    I think they agree that Crichton is a sci-fi writer. Appropriate adjectives and their negations for fiction are compelling or not compelling, realistic or not realstic, riveting or not riveting, well written or poorly written and so on. By definition, fiction cannot be characterized as "wrong" or "right" so the claim that "they ALL agree that Crichton is wrong" is rather dubious.
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    I thought he makes himself out to be a real scientist writing non-fiction.
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    Not exactly!

    People who want to discredit his NOVEL attempt to diminish the man through mischaracterization. Yes, he certainly has his views and we are all entitled to them but State of Fear seems to have generated one in the minds of the "true believers" who have substituted politics for science.

    Do a Google search and you can witness the political correctness frenzy first hand!
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    Most magazines/ newspapers/ media in general just try to do whatever they can to sell a story. When people get bored about 9/11, they come up with the 9/11 conspiracies. I think if you look really hard and do find some research that doesnt have an preselected agenda and opinion of global warming, I think you will find that there is nothing to worry about. I once thought it was a real problem like Pooka, but I also did my own research on facts that were not directly pertaining to global warming, and if ya put two and two together, I think it is pretty obvious of how over exaggerated the issue is.
  17. Aug 22, 2005 #16
    To Whitewolf- unfortunely many of the conspiracy theories are true, that aside.

    aychamo - GW (Global Warming) will probably only be accepted as happening when the Gulf Current stops, Methane is being released unnaturally by man because of offshore drilling which disturbs methane hydrate deposits. Evidence that GW is a happening such as the shirinking polar caps Anartica and the Artic is casually dismissed as natural or within normal limits by those who want to keep the status quo where it is. Climate changes are subject to pretty much the same reasonings. Peace
  18. Aug 22, 2005 #17
    perhaps there are some, because it has to be accepted that certain political events need to be carried out without the public's knowledge for the collective good. SOME conspiracies are true, but not NEARLY as much as the media suggests. Also, if you can prove that the Earth is heating up directly from methane, and not from some natural phenomena, then I will eat my words. But you can't prove it, otherwise their wouldnt be any controversy surrounding the issue. If you compare the percentage of methane to the percentage of normal atmoshperic gases, it barely scratches the chemical compostion of the atmoshpere.
  19. Aug 22, 2005 #18
    Global Warming Trend

    WW, it does not take much methane (or CO2) as a proportion of the atmosphere to cause unusual even drastic climate shifts or changes. And no I can't prove the Earth is heating up from methane ALONE but the evidence, reason and findings of some respected people do. (I'm implying I'm not respected in the same way as say some one like Stephan Hawkings or Roger Penrose is). There have been articles in somewhat respected newspapers about GW and there are sites to find good info on GW. Wasn't it reported about a year or two ago that a chunk of Anartica the size of Rhode Island had broken off? Where have the Glaciers that were at Glacier National Park gone? Why have the glaciers on many mountains around the world been disappearing? Why is there less freeze over occuring in the Artic ocean each year?
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    Can you give me some reputable sites reporting those facts? The only place I heard the Rhode Island chuck of ice bit was off the movie, "The Day After Tommarrow". (Surprise, surprise) Also,the atmosphere was almost entirely carbon dioxide before sufficent plant life could develop. If what you say about CO2 being a potent greenhouse gas is true, then the Earth could not support plant life and it would not be able to develop the biodiverse creatures that it has today.
  21. Aug 22, 2005 #20
    1) we barely produce any Methane or CO2 above that of natural causes, such as volcanoes and fires.
    2) I have been to many of these "reputable" sites you speak of. Almost all of them are biased towards the 'Humans are bad and doomed to die of their own doing' type mentality. When i was researching for my report, i went to many sites, some biased towards, some biased against, and some claiming to be non-biased on Global Warming.
    3) it isnt like "respected people" and "respected media" know everything there is to know about everything. Just because they are well known doesn't mean they are the foremost experts on global warming. And another thing. ALL media is biased. No matter what anybody or anything says they are all biased one way or another.
    4) Antarctica has been shown to be constantly expanding and contracting naturally. I believe its all part of a very large pattern.

    It IS natural. Humans are part of nature, therefore anything we have influence on is a natural occurence.

    and i shall answer your questions with some of my questions.

    1)Why is Iceland covered in ice when it was once a warm green land?
    2)Why is the average temperature of Earth the exact same, if not cooler, than the average temperature of past years?
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