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Global warming

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    so im thinkin of wrting and essay on global warming...
    ive kind of decided if im going to write it on global warming i want to argue that it does not pose a real threat. Its so cliche to write essays on effects of glbal warming and how its gonna ruin our earth and all that media hype. If anyone had any links to relaible information or can suggest any book i should read thaty would eb greatly appreciated. For example i could argue that the climate was warmer 1000 years ago or failed predictions that people have allreayd made about global warming. I need to do ALOT if research... if anyone wants to discuss there opinions that would be helpful and interesting as well.
    thanks alot guys:smile:
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    I especially like this one:
    And another good one:
    [edit:] https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=62529
    Also, for some good arguments against anthropogenic global warming hypothesis, worked well into a good story, pick up State of Fear, by Michael Crichton.

    How long does the essay have to be? What subject?
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    the essay is for a world issues its suprignly short 1500 words. I just want to see if i cna find enough proofs to support the idea beucase it will be really different compared to nay other global warming essays in the class or previous years.
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    or argue that global warming is not completly falut to man but the cimlate is shifting, i dont exactly know what im getting into but it is a good research project but infromation is scarce
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    I think Andre has enough reliable information invested in this forum alone to write your essay 10 times over. I agree, just look for his posts.
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