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Glove Mouse?

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    I've heard of those gloves that act as a mouse but why aren't these on the market?
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    That was pretty cool. This is off topic but that video reminded me of it cause someone did something interesting. They started clapping, but no one else followed his lead, so he ended his clapping without anyone else clapping with him. You gotta feel like a real dork when you try to lead an applause but no one else joins you. That's why I won't be the first one to start the applause, I'll let a bunch of other people start first. But if it was just a bunch of me in the crowd, no one would ever get an applause, cause everyone would be waiting for someone else to begin the applause. So it's a good thing we have those applause starters, putting it all on the line, taking that risk, to get those applauses started. Without them, applauses wouldn't exist.
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