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Gnuplot program graph

  1. Feb 27, 2004 #1

    i new to using the gnuplot program.

    I am trying to create a graph which will calculate the frequency for the range of values in a given column, and plot it as a histogram

    x-axis being range
    y-axis being frequency

    I have created it using excel...but couldnt not figure it out in gunplot.

    Heres an example of how my file looks:

    id1 id2 value1 value2
    a b 0.01 0.03
    a2 c 0.05 0.06
    a3 d 0.1 0.13
    a4 e 0.12 0.14
    a26 z 1.5 1.4

    so if i want to plot the values in column4(Value2)

    i have to first compile a table showing the range and frequency:

    range frequency
    0 - 0.1 3
    0.1 - 0.2 6
    0.2 - 0. 3 5

    how would you compile such info from Value2 column using gnuplot?
    Once i get it to the above format...i know how to graph it.

    I have an enourmous number of such files...and exporting each one to Excel and graphing...is a very painful and time consuming process.

    Please help with your suggestions.

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