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i new to using the gnuplot program.

I am trying to create a graph which will calculate the frequency for the range of values in a given column, and plot it as a histogram

x-axis being range
y-axis being frequency

I have created it using excel...but couldnt not figure it out in gunplot.

Heres an example of how my file looks:

id1 id2 value1 value2
a b 0.01 0.03
a2 c 0.05 0.06
a3 d 0.1 0.13
a4 e 0.12 0.14
a26 z 1.5 1.4

so if i want to plot the values in column4(Value2)

i have to first compile a table showing the range and frequency:

range frequency
0 - 0.1 3
0.1 - 0.2 6
0.2 - 0. 3 5

how would you compile such info from Value2 column using gnuplot?
Once i get it to the above format...i know how to graph it.

I have an enourmous number of such files...and exporting each one to Excel and a very painful and time consuming process.

Please help with your suggestions.



how would you compile such info from Value2 column using gnuplot?
You can't do it from gnu plot. You need to write your own program to do the binning first.

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