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GNUPLOT - quick questions

  1. Nov 27, 2004 #1
    GNUPLOT -- quick questions

    I couldn't find it using google, nor can i find it quickly in the docs, but here's three questions:

    I'm doing tons of bodeplots with hundreds of data points, stupidest lab ever!!! (frequency compensation for opamp..) , and on the top part of the bode plot i want gain in decibels and on the bottom part i want phase in degrees.

    question 1)
    i must use a datafile for obvious reasons. Is there anyway it can interpret a point as lets say: or must i calculate it/write script to generate it for me!
    100 20*log10(Vo/Vi)

    question 2)
    is there anyway i move the x-axis from the bottom of the page to the center of the page. ie: instead of a box i want an H. You get me?

    question 3)
    is there an output method to quickly produce latex tables. I have a really good latex template i made up a while ago, and i do my lab reports in that. It saves tons of time over using word, especially equation editing.

    Thanks for your help!
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