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Go for a trade or a MSc.?

  1. Oct 22, 2012 #1
    I've got a big moral dillema that I can't seem to solve myself :confused:

    This is my situation: final year in uni, finishing my BSc. w/ Physics Major and Comp.Sci. minor.
    My GPA is good enough to get me into a graduate program.
    Over the years I've realized that I enjoy programming (not as much as Physics, but still).
    I want to work in something applied - like software development for example.

    I could go for a MSc. in Computer Science, but that graduate program is strongly based on theory and it does not offer many opportunities after graduation (for work; most people go for a PhD afterwards). And I cannot complete a Masters in Comp Sci (MCompSci) because it requires a bachelors' in Computer Science :frown:

    Or, I could go to a different college and obtain a 3-year diploma in programming, which would really allow me to get a job. However, the downside is that where I live, this diploma is equivalent to something between trade college program/bachelors and I honestly have no idea how something like this would look like on a CV (preceeded by a BSc. Physics).

    Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!
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