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Go Go Pf

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    This is the best physics forum ever. I also have been posting on the advanced physics forum (sorry guys) and i can only say that it is nothing compared to the quality of this forum. Congratulations to all the administrators and mentors. Various things like the journals, the interaction between members, the number of posts and posters, the many subforums, the style make this initiative unique in internet-land.

    Just a token of my appreciation

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    Congrats and thanks to all the members! We can only build the framework :smile:
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    It is the best science and the best maths bulletin board. I think one of the best innovations was the integrating LaTeX and I know that there are sevreal forums trying to emulate this feat.
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    Yeah, PF rocks. I can't imagine where I would be without it. And with the FAQ threads in the works and formal debates possibly starting, PF just keeps getting better. :biggrin: Maybe group discussions like hypnagogue's and Mattson's will start catching on too.
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    The FAQ is indeed gonna be a very big success, i give my word for that. I think it's gonna be the single most usefull feature of this forum.

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    I'm still going to argue that the members are the single most useful feature on this forum! :biggrin: This forum is very much about gathering together the people who are willing to generously contribute their time and efforts to helping out others. What I really love is the something-for-everyone format here. There's a place for the students to get help, and places for professionals to have more in-depth discussions, and even room to play.
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