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God a multiplistic sentience

  1. Oct 14, 2003 #1
    Hi all,

    Just some thoughts of the bun fight between religion and science.

    I think the main problem is that religion tends to think of God as being a single minded sentience and this creats a problem.

    If one asssumes that God is omni sentient or multiplistically sentient
    one can see a way that religion and science can come together but if God is thought of as being mono sentient of mono focussed then there will never be peace between the ideological fractions.

    I also feel that if we think of the universe as conscious and aware in full as an omni awareness or omniconsciousness therefore omni present we can achieve a more balanced perpective of what God is.

    A lot of physics points to the the above as having valid premise and I think when we finally combine the nature of the mind with the nature of reality we will see the full picture.

    Any one else share my thoughts?
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    Scott, I personally prefer the term onmi-sentient and/or omni-conscious as this infers the oneness of the God/Universe. There are a number of other here that think as you do and have presented similar ideas and thoughts. However, there are also those vehmently opposed to such ideas. Welcome to the Pysics Forums!
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    If one cares to consider it this way:
    We are made of atoms. Before we were born we were atoms in dirt, that got sucked up by plants, possibly eaten by animals and in the end were eaten by our parents(kinda weird to think of ourselves as having been eaten before being born). In this way, we are physical parts of the universe, so if we are conscious, why not the whole universe? Really the only way we have of determining the consciousness of something is to try and communicate with it. If I talk to a rock, and it doesn't talk back, I would surmise that it's not conscious. Then again, what if all matter has consciousnes? I wouldn't notice, since it is incapable of commmunication. If you are put in a sound-and-light-proof box, no one can communicate with you, but does that make you any less conscious? I think not. In that way, this odd theory explains why we are not able to define consciousness: it is because it is a quality had by all things. And so like all other things that we don't have the antithesis of to compare to, we don't really understand it.
    Neat idea, huh?
  5. Oct 20, 2003 #4
    Just as we are the sum of all our parts, why can't God -- as an Entity -- be considered the same? In which case we are all of God and God is the All of the Universe, and God is One. :wink:
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