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God and Science!

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    what does eveyone think about God's place in science?

    what about from a cathloic point of view?

    i think studying the universe is not trying to reach to far into God's regin, but it actually glorifies the beauty, grandness, and perfectness of His creation. also if we were nit ment to know, they why were we given minds by Him adaquite enough to evolve in our understanding instead of us juts scumming to explane it as being becuase thats the way God made it without understanding.
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    The Catholic view of God and science is persuasive; most of the scientific advances are now accepted by the Church. Evolution is accepted as a better answer than any other. They tend to accept God's providence as lying behind science - explaning it for the faithful without offending those who accept science with nothing else behind it.

    But behind this sunny appearance lies an authoritarianism that has not given up. The Pope sees no objection to telling scientists what they may study and what they may be permitted to discover. Saints are still created based on often shaky evidence of miracles. And the Inquisition, under a new name and with a better press department, still exists.
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