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God and the atheist.

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    Ages ago in school I wrote this little story. I had a word limit and a specific purpose for the work, and this is how it ended up. Given some of the topics posted recently, I thought some of you might find it worth a chuckle.

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    i would rather work with this atheist than any of the traditional book-bangers.

    what if god is simply an energy gestalt? nothing more than a collective conciousness wherein we all participate as an aspect of 'god'. we exchange ideas, wisdom etc thru the collective unconcious.

    this would not violate any dogma and expand our percieved understanding(s).

    again, well done!
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    "The Force is in all things."
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    Even though i'm Christian, i really liked this post. I have thought of this stuff before when i was younger its fun to think about. I enjoy contemplating things. Anyhow, you made a slight error Adam...correction on first error: God cannot learn, since he already knows everything, so he would have no need to wonder about his own existance.

    You would agree with me that even though it is "unlikely" that God exists, it is still a possibility. So what if he does exist and has made this universe in such a way where we are stuck to think the way we do: To ask "what if" all the time. This leads me to your second mistake. You assume God has a mind that is like ours. He doesn't need to ask "what if", he is a being that actually knows things, he knows he's not a brain in a computer. He exists outside of time and doesn't rely on memory (like us) for information. because memory is totally unreliable. God is outside of time and is not bound by the walls of "what if".

    I hope this makes sense, if u have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
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    But the god that Adam talked about in his story resembles the gods that most people believe in.
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    As much as I respect your religion, I must ask, how does god know everything? And what does time have to do with knowledge? Have you ever read the theories on parallel universes?
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    I believe you missed the point of his writings.

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    We no longer carry relgious threads.
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