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God as an equation

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    "infinity" and "random" pop up whenever we start talking about something from a "foreign scale" like atrophysics or quantum mechanics
    - god and infinity are abstract concepts
    - empirical science has no anaglous example of infinity
    therefore we can assume that:
    - there aren't an infinate number of paralel universes
    - our universe is finite
    - the universe is (1) "as is" in order to provide favorable conditions for our exsistance (2) large enough so that could have spawened subsequently (same as 1)
    - our existance is not random
    - something from a foreign scale determines our existance
    - the only accurate way we can understand "beigns" from a "foreign scale" is through math

    am i just dumb or does this make sense
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    The logic in this post seems too loose to foster much of a discussion. It's not clear what exactly the second premise means and whether or not it's true, and it's even less clear that any of the conclusions follow from the premises. If you like, you can try presenting your ideas again, but please adhere to the forum guidelines.
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