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God came and said - same

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    God came and said - " same"

    i have thought about it for quite some time and have also had very serious discussiond running into hours with a couple of my friends? what are physists trying to do - understand nature. what is understand or know ? isnt it fascinating that my understand is the same as yours? we all can understand what is same and different and we all think similarly. when a baby is born, you teach it certain things, and thge same applies to all other babies. i also find that studying how the brain works scientifically and how poeple think is fantastic? try and think about what i said and please reply? you can say anything you want.
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    Well, first off I'm trying to understand what you said; it was rather jumpy. If you're asking "what does it mean to know something" then you need to look at an epistemology thread. If you're wondering "how does our brain understand things", then you should probably look in threads that deal with the mind.
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    everybody is unique. if my understand is the same as yours. will i write this ? will you get a single opinion in this subject ? i certainly do not think so.
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    what i meant my understand is that , when i say " consider a circle" , you do not think of a "square" , all of think of the same color blue when we talk about it. the intructions were same for us when we were children. there is some inbuilt mechanism that makes this communication possible. it is not so obvious i guess. if this were not true , we canot study physics. coz physics describes nature. same and different are not defined but intrinsically we have an intuitive idea about it. if it were not so, we cvannot classify and call eveything in this world different. even two "electrons. " this is another point of view but will not help in the development of mankind.
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    Of course we are all the same. But different groups is what make us classify ourselves different. Everything that has happened to you and that you have learned will not be expericed by another person the same way you expericed it all.
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