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God is great .?

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    God is great.....?

    OK. So let us suppose that god never "created" anything, that "he" made merely existed. Would god still be considered great? Would he be a lesser god than one who might have created the universe? Or maybe for god to be GOD he HAD to create the universe. and doesn't this play into determinism? any thoughts...? and i don't want this to be answered religiously, i'm not looking for that. it's all about logic, right.
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    TYPO FYI: i ment to say that .... let us suppose that god never "created" anything, that "he" HAD merely existed.
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    Microsoft is great. Is microsoft God?

    Depends in the end on your definition of greatness.
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    duh! how would he be a god? by definition, god is the big kahuna, creator and master blaster.

    if he didn't create, what good is s/he? down with the lazy bugger!

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    There is no definition of god. If you claim to have one, I would like to know what source it is based on.
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    i prefer to think of a universal gestalt that is greater than the sum of it's parts.

    pantheism in general terms, if you would.

    not a creator or puppeteer.

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