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God means Jesus ?

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    Most of the time, I heard Christians mention the word God, God this and God that...............

    I feel strange that they use the word Jesus less than God. Though most of the time, Jesus and God are interchangeable.

    After a little bit investigation, I found that they use God more is because the word God is general, more acceptable to anyone; God can be the God of any religion that believe in God.
    If you say Jesus, it must mean the Jesus of Christianity.
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    There is a slight misconception, Saint, and I feel that I should use the time this thread lasts on this forum to clear it up (since it's religious, and they don't allow religious topics anymore). According to Biblical Christianity, Jesus was not God, but the Son of God. There's a huge difference (much as there's a huge difference between Mentat, and my father...as evidenced beyond reasonable doubt from the fact that only one of us is still living :wink:). In no part of the Bible does it say that Jesus is God, and in many it says that Jesus is the Son of God, and that he was "sent forth" by God...thus indicating very seperate entities.
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    "IN the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God. And the Word was God...
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    This is a faulty translation of the Greek, which refers to "God" with the definitive article "ho" at the first instance, but without it at the second instance. This means that the first mention of God (as being with the Word) is referring to God Almighty, and the second mention is referring to a lesser God (perhaps Jesus).
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