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God must be so bored.

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    So yesterday while watching a sunset I was throwing some rocks at another rock. By luck I hit the rock I was aiming for two times in a row. Then, it dawned on me. If there is a God, s/he must be soooo bored. Everything happens according to your wishes and blah. Just so boring.
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    It's the absolute control that makes for the boredom. What would you do to solve this problem if you had the problem?
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    What would I do to solve the problem? I would constantly distract myself and concentrate on trivialities. I would amass money only so that I could spend it. I would look for a woman only so that I could be more obsessed with her looks than with myself. Oh, but I would be so empty!

    EDIT: The fact that I didn't sleep well tonight is probably one of the reasons I started this thread. Must get a good nights sleep.
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    Then dig deeper.
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    If there is a God, and he is bored, look out! Job didn't have an easy time of it.
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    From The Devil's Advocate (not a great movie, but Pacino did get to rant).
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    Mind how you go. The boys from the Rock Protection League don't like to see that sort of disrespect happening in their neighborhood...
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    I don't know why but it just doesn't sound too bad to me.
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    That's because things don't happen according to your wishes.
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    Sure, but he/she supposedly has an infinity to choose from :biggrin:

    People shouldn't be too worried about the well-being of gods anyway(i thought there were children starving in Africa)
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    Starving children in Africa? They gotta help themselves. Every man woman and child for themselves!
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    Anyway, my brain feels floppy. Gotta play some more games.
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    If I had total control and had made so many googleplex universes and watched them expand and contract, or die of heat death or the other googleplex - 2 ways for universes to end and had done that googleplex times, I too would feel bored. The problem is total control and the solution is to delegate. Do you want G-d to save those starving children in Africa? He's been there done that a googleplex times. What are you doing about it? You have free will, he's not in complete control. But what does he want? What is the one thing that the genie can't do for him? Did you see the film?
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    God really wants to help the starving children in Africa. To begin with, he had to pick a random number of starving children.

    Due to his damn omniscient nature, he's just stuck at picking the random number.
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    Well, if God exists he probably doesn't have human emotions like boredom.
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    From DevilsAvocado:

    Welcome to God’s QM casino, if you hit that rock twice, you’ll win a Nobel and US$1.4 million!!


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    There is no "Supreme Being", but if there was one it would probably alleviate boredom by inventing something like George W. to give everyone a good laugh. There was a good chance of mass panic for a while, until everyone realized that the bastard couldn't possibly remember the launch codes. They were probably presented to him in a bowl of carefully arranged Alphabits, which he ate before memorizing them.
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    Whoever god is, they might spend all of there time creating new things that they haven't already created. Given the state space is what is possible, I think god is going to be pretty damn busy.
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