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I God particle Higgs Boson

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    Can anyone shed a bit of light on what a Higgs Boson is, how it was discovered and what its discovery implies for physics ?
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    What research have you done so far? What have you found out?
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    I have not really got much of an idea. Most of the articles have too much usage of technical words. I need to know almost every theory on particle physics to get to understand it. So I thought maybe someone over here can cut out the too much adavanced terminology. Also, I cant understand what is meant by a Higgs field and what does zero spin mean. Moreover, how it can explain symmetry breaking and all. Plz elucidate.
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    You can't truly understand them without using technical terms and mathematics. Start from a lower level and work your way up until you can understand them properly.

    Otherwise read the wiki to get the 10k ft view.
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