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God Save the Queen, eh what?

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    A question to you people not from merry old England. When you think about England, what stereotypes and images do you get of the people, the food, the landscape, the cities and anything else you care to mention?
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    Nippy weather, conservative attitude and classic delicacy and subtlety, nice Queen's accent, Marks and Spencer, Fortune and Fornum (?) high tea, Oxford Street, Harolds, Hyde Park, Piccadilly, Chelsea, Eurostar, Waitrose, Odeon, terrible terrible tube, pricey living standard. On the whole a country I love and would love to revisit.
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    bad teeth, monty python, spotted dick, jimmy p,
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    wow, that's the same words I used to describe hell isn't it.
    actually I love English stuff. I wish we had cool history in America, castles and stonehenge etc. teepee's just aren't that impressive
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    You mean Harrods :).
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    You know Harold? How is he? Did the creme work?
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    We love you Tribdog, and you will be just fine :smile: .
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