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God signature

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    Where are not dicussing here specific miracles calimed by some religions e.g. Moses stick or Jesus healing or revealed-on Muhammad Quran miracles, I just want to discuess just the mere cpncept of miralce. "God signature that X person speaks in His Name".

    What is the "thingy" in the miracle which could make it valid? i.e "Not false miracle"?

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    I recognize your efforts here to try to obey PF's policy on religious discussion to some extent. However, I don't think your good intentions can save this topic from still ultimately being a religious one. One could try to make a case that we can base non-religious discussion of miracles upon a non-religious definition/supposition of a god, but this really blurs the line too much for my tastes and sets us on too slippery of a slope.

    In any case, religious issues aside, this topic is already dangerously close to being insubstantially developed and overly speculative. Overall, it does not satisfy the PF philosophy forum guidelines.
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