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God Topics?

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    Was just wondering if this will be the carry-over for discussing the God topics from the previous Philosophy forum? And here I'm referring to those which approach God more from a philosophical perspective, rather than those with specific religious references. Will the Religion sub-forum be maintained as well, or will it be incorporated into the Metaphyisics forum?

    And what other topics will be deemed suitable for the Metaphysical forum?
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    You can get to the religion forum by clicking on Philoshophy - it will be one of the forums that comes up.
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    this would be the appropriate forum to discuss non-religious topics concerning a philosophic approach...
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    Tom Mattson

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    That's not really what we had in mind with the Metaphysics forum.

    edit: Just conferred with Greg. The Metaphysics Forum is the appropriate place for ontological arguments regarding "god", as long as specific religions are not referred to.

    It was decided that Religion is no longer part of the PF plan.
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    oops...sorry, this didn't make enough sense, it was early and i hadn't had my coffee yet, it should have read:

    The metaphysics forums is the appropriate forum to discuss NON-RELIGIOUS topics concerning GOD in a philosophic approach...

    I will be posting a sticky here soon~
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