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God !

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    Hi all

    I know, that this question may have been asked many times before.

    What is the position of god in science?

    What proofs science can give for the existence or non-existence of god?

    by god here, i mean a creator of the universe .. not the abrahamic concept of god

    thank u
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    There is no position on God in science. Science doesn't deal with the supernatural.

    My view on it is that if something like that does exist, his existence is the equivalent of his nonexistence. Meaning, enjoy life and stop worrying about this stuff.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It would be more accurate to say that since we have no scientific evidence for the existence of God, science cant even address the question. If we say that God is supernatural, then we are assigning definitions. Since we dont have any scientific evidence, we can't make statements as to the potential nature of a God.
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