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Goddamn Bloody Bindi

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    Hey, I won a (very minor) contest for creative writing on the web! The story got posted at Quiction here:
    http://www.quictiononline.net/ [Broken]
    <I'm so thrilled I could pee my pants!> Stop by the writer's board if you enjoy writing too, they just had another contest there where the winner received $100.
    The board: http://p216.ezboard.com/bvoodoopoets

    Goddamn Bloody Bindi, by Ted Twist (not my real name)

    My friendly religious advisor felt compelled to tell this heathen exactly why I'd had two, almost identical accidents of late that cut deep gashes into my forehead. Yes, I've bashed my "agnya chakra" twice in the past few months. The first time was so severe I still have the mark two months later. My newest creation, a self inflicted bindi, just dropped the hardened shell of a scab yesterday morning in my hotel room shower, not unlike a crustacean molting. Alas, these things always seem to happen when we're away from home. I think I've become despondent now.

    I wondered if perhaps I should cleanse the hardened blood spot with soap and water and have it blessed by the hotel's religious head, the guy that performs non-denominational ceremonies for guests on Sundays. I asked, but strangely, he seemed less than enthusiastic. We inspected each of the various religious teachings maintained for Jews, Christians, Islamists, Hindus and a few other religions I'd not heard of, but none of them allowed the blessing of coagulated, type O blood. I then asked the father, pastor, priest dude if it was just my blood type, but received only a scowling look in reply. He didn't seem like a very friendly sort, so I dismissed myself abruptly and wandered back to my hotel room so I might study the situation further via the internet.

    I've now stored the chunk of dark maroon DNA in a baggie and returned to my home in the mountains just north of San Fran'. For anyone reading this, please let me know if your friends at Sahaja Yoga can bless my boo boo for me. I'll keep it moist as long as possible but must bury it within a fortnight according to Druid law.
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