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Gods of the new millennium

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    You might already have heard of the book "Gods of the new millennium" from Alan F. Alford. If you don't know what it's about, this is what the back of the book says:

    The appearance of Homo Sapiens 200,000 years ago defies the principle of evolutionary theory, whilst the Biblical account of divine creation defies the laws od physics. And yet we are here. And that fact needs to be explained. This book - the culminatoin of ten years of research - uses scientific evidence to ask and answer the most fundamental questions of human origins and history. Alan Alford's earth-shattering conclusion is that we are the hybrid offspring of an extraterrestrial race, and that we may literally be about to meet our makers - the GODS OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM.

    The book I read is the book with the new forword though, wherein the writer explains that he does not support all of his theories from this book anymore. But he still supports the first 6 chapters.
    You might want to check his website:

    I decided to read this book after already having had a lot of discussions with a friend of mine, about this book and about the inconsistencies in our history. He always came with facts that I didn't (and still don't) know how to refute. I have only started reading this book just yet and I am still very sceptic about all this. The way he talks about science also annoys me a lot, because it seems like he does not make a difference between the exact sciences and the others.

    Now I would like to find some fellow sceptics, who could help me in finding inconsistencies in his book and debunk it.

    edit: I'm sorry, I think this thread is better placed in "Scepticism and debunking", feel free to move it there.
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    Whoever moved this thread, he/she destroyed my elaborate response. Gist was that I share the views in general, close to scholar but the message is wrapped in a sensational way. Interesting view on religion and Atlantis (sophisticated myths, not facts)
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    Doc Al

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    Sorry about that Andre. I moved the thread.
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