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God's Spectacular Atomic Engineering

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    With your prodigious font of scientific knowledge, you are assigned the project of designing a series of unique materials from only three separate building blocks.

    Your constraints are as follow:

    1. Make 92 different materials differing wildly in their physical and chemical properties.

    2. Do not use anything to hold these three building blocks together.

    3. Make the 92 different designs about one part in 10^17th power empty space.
    Put differently, make your designs about 100 million billion times larger than the sum total of all your starting materials by volume. But they have to be sturdy, load bearing, substantial.
    They must be able to support massive weights without collapsing.

    Future assignments will become progressively more impossible.
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    Well it is impossible with your rule #2!!

    Why the mention of God in your title? If you believe that only God could create the Universe fine, but that is belief and the "Atoms, molecules & solids" forum is perhaps not the place for this posting.
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    1. Well there's a lot more than 92 building blocks if you count isotopes. And most of them don't "differ wildly in their physical and chemical properties." And all you really need is one of them. The other 91 can be made from the first, good thing there's so much of it.

    2. Don't hold them together? That would be tricky. Good thing we have gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear forces.

    3. Again, good thing for electromagnetism.

    Perhaps you meant to put this in a more appropriate forum?
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    Ms Auditu,

    You forgot to mention 'and all this needs to amount to no more than 5% of the universe'.

    Would you care to tell us what the spectacular properties of dark matter and dark energy are?

    And here's a bent corollary: to what extent is the philosophy and mathematics of minority creatures* shaped by their minority status?

    Do we need to see ourselves in a dark matter mirror to learn the limitations of our thinking?

    *us, we aren't in any way made up of dark matter or dark energy, as far as we know
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