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Going into EE PhD: Career duties?

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    I recently obtained my BSEE and have been accepted into a PhD program at a Texas university. This program is BS to PhD, which I suppose means I won't be obtaining a Masters.

    Anyway, I have become rather strongly attached to working in the medical field. As far as I know, this potential university doesn't have some of the exciting research going on that I found in other schools such as cochlear implants and things like that. What they do have is a whole department devoted to medical imaging, which I was learning to like.

    My dilemma is that, while my ugrad school offered a concentration in bioengineering, it's not what I was involved in, and I would say I know very little about bio in terms of physiology and anatomy and things in that subject.

    Would this be a huge problem for me? I'm counting on myself being able to pick it up along the way since most of the work will involve mathematics in the medical imaging field.
    Also, what kind of work should I expect to be doing with this type of skill? As of now, the only thing keeping me interested in this field is that my personal philosophy forces me to focus on something directly applicable to human life, as that for me would serve as motivation to keep chugging through. Ideally, when I was younger I used to tell myself I was going to work and study on the brain, and well, with a background in EE and knowing the brain is driven essentially by electrical impulses, it seems like I found a good avenue to use my EE experience towards and to coincide with my personal ideological goals.
    (A bit off topic but I have the opportunity to get into a straight MsEE at a better university but lack the funding).

    Thanks for the reply.
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